Hi!  I’m Katie

Your Local LiftMaster Expert

GARAGE DOORS… Two words I have grown up around my entire life as my father has been in the garage door business for 30 YEARS! Now, my two brothers and I work for the family business in different ways and hundreds of miles apart.

Fast Forward to 2011…

I had graduated college Magna Cum Laude from Auburn University with a Marketing degree all while being on scholarship as an Auburn softball player. I walked across the stage, diploma in hand and it was time for the REAL WORLD. I had accepted a job as an Executive Team Leader for Target before graduation, got married to the country boy of my dreams and never went back home to sunny California. I worked at Target for 3 ½ years until my husband and I found out we were expected our FIRST SON. Wanting to be at home to see my child grow up, we worked out the logistics so that I could run an online business from home selling garage door openers.


5+ years ago if you would have told me I would have two beautiful boys and would be working from home shipping thousands of garage door openers across the country a YEAR, I would have never believed you. Yet, here I am…A BOSS MOM!

I take so much pride and joy in what I do. When you purchase from Weship Garage Door Parts, you are supporting a mom making ends meet for her family. For me it is all about YOU! I work diligently to meet YOUR satisfaction. When YOU use the contact form, YOU get ME. When YOU call, YOU get ME. When YOU place an order, I am the one printing the labels and shipping them out (with some help from my family at times ?). When YOU have an issue, I will handle it for YOU!

Yes, there are several of us dealers that you can buy product from but I am not just an employee…I AM WESHIP GARAGE DOOR PARTS. I AM what makes it all worthwhile ?

From forklift to YOUR front door, I am YOUR GAL!